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The Greatest Power in the Universe Is …



I WILL BE THAT I WILL BE, often translated I AM THAT I AM. (Ex 3:14)

WILL BE, future tense, is considered the more correct translation, but why is this even important? I AM indicates passive action or inaction. The Universal Mind is not inactive. It is constantly active. The verb WILL BE is future progressive in action. There will always be action. Creation is on-going. The Universal Mind expresses itself through us.

“The Heavenly Reason strives not, but it is sure to conquer. It speaks not, but it is sure to respond. It summons not, but it comes of itself. It works patiently, but is sure in its designs.

Heaven’s net is vast, so vast. It is wide-meshed, but it loses nothing.” (Tao Te Ching 73)

This LAW is unequivocal. Without the WILL TO BE, none of us would exist. Should you cease to WILL TO BE today, you would not exist. Your arm, in and of itself, cannot move unless you WILL it to. Your feet remain stationary unless you WILL them to propel you forward. Your WILL determines your desires.

What is will power? According to, it is the control of one’s impulses and actions, in other words self-control. American Heritage Dictionary says it is the strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes or plans.

WILL and EGO often get confused. Ego is the monkey mind. WILL is the essence of who you are. It is very important to understand this so you can LET GO and GET IN THE FLOW.

WILL is an essential component to Letting Go of Stress and Willing yourself TO BE healthy. Since you exist in a State of Being, YOU CAN LITERALLY WILL Yourself to be Healthy. The mind/body was created to heal itself. It’s not a mystery. It’s not hidden. It has always been there, out in the open. But it has been disguised and obscured from view by some who would want you to believe that you do not have a choice. You have already given over your Power of Being to them if you agree with them. You need to Take Back your Power. The Power lies within you. You were born with it. It is waiting to be awakened.

In Willing Yourself TO BE Healthy, you will align yourself with everything needed to create a healthy life. There is only health in the universe. Align yourself with universal energy and be aware of things coming into your life. You will be shown the way to Health and Vitality because it is inherent in you.

Many people hang on to the emotional baggage that makes them ill and creates dis-ease in the body. Why? Because they fear change. In fact, they fear an illusion. Albert Einstein once said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Reality only exists in our mind. The reality we experience is what we have created for ourselves. Everything is energy. What appears solid isn’t really solid; the illusion of solidity is persistent enough that we convince ourselves to believe it.

Belief is to have confidence or faith in the truth. Confidence is full assurance. When you believe something, you don’t just think it is so, you KNOW it to be so. You KNOW it beyond any doubt. Fear and doubt walk hand-in-hand. To KNOW is to understand clearly with certainty.

The present reality is only an illusion that we have created in our mind. Believing Reality to be different and WILLING it to be so will create a new reality.

We can create whatever reality we want. Through the decisions we make or choose not to make, by what we allow and what power we allow others to have over us is our reality made. But it isn’t real. Matter is an illusion of energy. It is a perception. Change the perception and the reality changes.

When you WILL yourself to be healthy, you will begin drawing into your life everything you need to create that reality. To receive it, you need to LET GO of current inhibiting thoughts and feelings, remain aware of the present moment, and be receptive to what is brought to you.

Whether it be health, wealth, peace, abundance – the Universe is yours to co-create. Enjoy creating!


Author: Antonia

A light shining in the dark. Seeking all things spiritual. Everything is ONE.

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Power in the Universe Is …

  1. Excellent post. This topic has been on my mind since I saw the new movie, The Moses Code. They put a comma in a different place. I am that, I am.
    Thanks for your insightful words. – Jamee

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  3. This article is super bad. Haven’t they ever hurd of god?

    • Actually, “I AM” is GOD (Ex 3:14). If GOD hadn’t willed you into BEing, that is created you, you wouldn’t be here. Nothing would be here. The verb “am” is a conjugate of the verb TO BE. We exist in states of BEing. What drives those states is the Will. Intention puts the Will into Motion. We are created in the image and likeness of GOD. And, yes, all of us have creative ability. We can conceive of an idea, a thought, and bring the intangible into our perceived reality. We can create. “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” (Ps 82:6). We are inheritors of a promise which is yet to be received.

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