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Faith – Do You Need It?

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When governments intervene into the private sector and nationalize business and/or finance, the free market system ceases to exist. This is the scene which has emerged on the world stage.


Worldwide, a financial meltdown is occurring. Large major banks are merging to create fewer centralized mega banks. Nations are infusing Billions monetarily into the markets to stabilize them but will it work?  Raising taxes in any form would push the markets into a domino-effect worldwide depression. Is there a way to stabilize the markets and keep inflation from running rampant in a market that has already lost so much value? How about one world currency? Don’t believe in it? It’s coming – and sooner than many think.


With an Emergency G7 summit meeting this weekend and the World Economic Forum holding its inaugural Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai November 7-9, 2008, it is almost a given that the topic of one world currency to stabilize the global markets will be a hot topic of discussion.


Is there a precedent and a model for centralization of currency? Absolutely. The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 set the ball in motion for a centralized monetary system within the European Union. First introduced in 1999 as an accounting currency, on January 1, 2002, the euro formally replaced the European Currency Unit (ECU) at a ratio of 1:1. The European Central Bank (ECB) has the sole authority to set monetary policy among the central banks of participating euro zone countries. The Euro Zone consists of 15 members states of the EU that have chosen at this time to adopt the EU. While not all current members of the EU have adopted the euro, there is general concensus that sometime in the next five years, the majority if not all EU members will have adopted the standard currency unit.


The G20, a group of twenty finance ministers and central bank governors, was also established in 1999. The G20 meets at the ministerial level annually each autumn to discuss key global economic issues.


In times of great stress, fear and worry, such as exist today, it becomes easy to give up hope, to let fear take hold, to react out of fraught emotion rather than calmly with a quiet centered focus. As long as you have life and will, there is hope. In an existence where everything is change and what is perceived as “reality” is practically nothing more than a 3-dimensional mirage, the only constant is the Source from which all exists. It is ever present, ever knowing, ever powerful – simply, IT IS.


In times of great distress, it is helpful to center on such things that are greater than self. The giving of oneself for the benefit of the whole in such times, everyone helping one another, will help all of us through times of great trouble. In these times, it is essential to Trust in the higher Source from which everything emanates. Do not rely on the false promises of men, no matter how appealing they may be. Be grounded and rooted in the Source from which you come and you will remain unshaken. Increasingly difficult times lay ahead but YOU have the Strength within yourself to remain steady and stay the true course. It begins with Trust and ends with Faith. Trust in the Source from which all exists for all your needs and have the Faith, the absolute knowing, that all your needs are assured. Never deny the Source from which you come and the Source will never deny you.


Be strong and of good courage, remain rooted and grounded in Source, Trust in Source and have the Faith, the absolute knowing, that all is as it should be – every purpose for all will be fulfilled.


Author: Antonia

A light shining in the dark. Seeking all things spiritual. Everything is ONE.

One thought on “Faith – Do You Need It?

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