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“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The second wealth is FREEDOM. Without health, sickness prevails leading to misery and discontent. Without freedom, tyranny prevails leading to oppression and suppression of the spirit.

“Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” (Matt 6:20) Civil Liberties are God-given liberties; they are not given by man and cannot be taken by man. Be wary of any person who claims to be the solution to problems. The only true solutions come from within oneself.

The man who governs himself has no need of a king or ruler over him. Self-governance comes from within. It comes from sound moral character. It comes from knowing what is right and doing it whether someone is there watching or not. We ~ all humans ~ are created in the image of the Creator ~ the ONE who is the Source of ALL. Just as you are to grow up humanly, physically, there is also a growing up spiritually ~ to grow into the fullness from which you were created. It is an inheritance. It is not something that you have received already; but it is something which you will receive and is yours to inherit, unless you choose to forfeit your inheritance.

Enlightenment is the realization that you and everything that exists comes from ONE Source, that your thoughts and actions affect ~ have an impact ~ positive or negative ~ on everything around you. If you despise another person, plant, animal or thing, you actually despise yourself. People who believe that they have to hurt or destroy others to bring into being a state of condition that they think to be true actually deny truth because in the hurt and destruction of others is destruction of self. Enlightenment holds all things as equal and the realization that all needs are provided by Source. Indeed, there is nothing that we truly need because Source has no need inherently.

An awakening and an awareness of truth is growing globally. A spiritual awakening is occurring as more people become aware of and re-connect back to Source. It is Source that will bring unification of mankind. It is Source that will usher in a period of peace and prosperity. It does not come from a man or a man-made government. It comes from within each and every one of us ~ as humans ~ letting go of prejudices and the need to feel in control of something outside of ourselves ~ to not favor one person or belief over another ~ but to accept everyone equally and to employ control of self. ALL humans are created EQUAL. We ALL have flesh and blood. We ALL need air to breathe. Without breath there is no life. We ALL have the same basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. No one of us is any greater than any other.

Enlightenment begins by connecting to Source, letting go of preconceived ideas or things you were taught by others, and being receptive to Truth as Source leads you into knowledge and wisdom that only comes from Source.

True FREEDOM comes from an individual’s ability to govern himself ~ his thoughts, his physical body, and his outward actions towards others. There is nothing ~ no thing ~ that a person can keep in his heart without it being known by Source. To harbor malcontent towards any other person is to harbor malcontent towards Source. Malcontent or ill-feelings towards any other human being is indicative of you not having forgiven. Forgiveness is elemental to healing. There is a universal symphony being played of which we are all a part. When we show outward and inward love and concern for all living things (the plant and animal kingdoms including the human kingdom), the orchestra plays a beautiful symphony. Emotions that do not lead to love and concern create dissonance and disharmony within the orchestra. The very fabric of the universe is affected. These are the vibrations that affect all of creation. Sound health means free from injury, damage, defect or disease. In its very definition, you can see that freedom is truly the second wealth.

Any person that denies the civil liberties that every person is born with, given to them from the very Source that created them, denies Source and is opposed to it. Such a person would claim that no such liberties exist or hold those liberties as negative to their own agenda. Such a person seeks to be viewed as the source of all good things when, in fact, those “good things” only come through the destruction of others. This is NOT GOOD. True Source does not need to destroy to create. In truth, there is such an abundance in creation, that there is no need to take from one to give to another. Have you ever seen an ear of corn with only one kernel? Or a pomegranate with only one seed? Or a pine tree with only one pine cone containing only one seed? Absolutely NOT. The idea that one needs to take from a group others and distribute what was taken to some who currently do not have is antithesis to Source. To those who currently do not have, all they have to do is seek and they will find, knock and the door will open. There is never lack in truth and not in creation. To say that only a certain amount exists limits Source, limits creation. Source is like water, a well spring which forever flows and the more that flows the greater the abundance and fruitfulness

Take time today to think on these things. Take time to Connect to Source. Ask for Understanding. Ask to be shown Truth. Ask to recognize Truth when it is shown to you. Ask for guidance in every aspect of your life. Just as your human parents would never want to see harm come to you, so too, the very Source that created you seeks to finish the work which was begun in you. Lay hold of these treasures and value them above everything else except Source ~ Health, Freedom, Wisdom and Enlightenment.

Tao Te Ching

The partial becomes complete; the crooked, straight; the empty,
full; the worn out, new. He whose (desires) are few gets them; he
whose (desires) are many goes astray.

Therefore the sage holds in his embrace the one thing (of
humility), and manifests it to all the world. He is free from self-
display, and therefore he shines; from self-assertion, and therefore
he is distinguished; from self-boasting, and therefore his merit is
acknowledged; from self-complacency, and therefore he acquires
superiority. It is because he is thus free from striving that
therefore no one in the world is able to strive with him.
[emphasis mine]

That saying of the ancients that ‘the partial becomes complete’ was
not vainly spoken:–all real completion is comprehended under it.


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A light shining in the dark. Seeking all things spiritual. Everything is ONE.

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