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Metals that beat up bugs?

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“In the late eighteenth century, western scientists confirmed that colloidal silver,
which had been used in oriental medicine for centuries, was an effective antibacterial
agent. Scientists also knew that the human body fluid is colloidal. Therefore,
colloidal silver had been used for antibacterial purposes in the human body. By
the early nineteenth century, colloidal silver was considered the best antibacterial
agent. However, after the discovery of antibiotics, due to the fact that antibiotics
were more potent which could in turn generate more revenue, antibiotics had substituted
colloidal silver as the main choice for antibacterial agents.

Thirty years after the discovery of the antibiotics, many bacteria developed
resistance to the antibiotics, which became a serious problem. Since 1870s, silver,
particularly colloidal silver, has once again been recognized for antibacterial
use, particularly due to its ability for not causing drug-resistance.” (source:

I came across this description of colloidal silver and its efficacy and thought it explained so succinctly that I decided to simply quote it.

There are four metals known for the antibacterial-antimicrobial properties. Three are consumable and actually are elemental to human health; they are: silver, zinc, copper. Colloidal silver and zinc lozenges, including nasal swabs with zinc nanoparticulate actually do work in staving off colds and flu. However, to be really effective, there should be some level of the metal in your body already. If you suspect you are at risk, use nasal swabs or take a zinc lozenge every few days. Safe colloidal silver can be found at homoepathic stores. Taking a daily dose before cold or flu set in can help to prevent or reduce the seriousness of cold or flu.

How do metals work? The metal microparticulate inhibits cellular growth so the bacteria or virus can’t reproduce and are stopped dead in their tracks. If the metal level in your body isn’t high enough to stop the bacteria or virus from reproducing altogether, you may simply end up with a milder case of cold or flu.

Our ancestors knew a thing or two about metals too. Copper cookware and silverware made of real silver leeched these metals into the food and provided a level of health benefit. However, one of the dangers, such as drinking wine from a silver goblet, is that the metal particulate size is too large and remains in the body. Elemental metals that are too high can lead to metal toxicity.

Do not try to make colloidal silver on your own – as the blue man from California did. If the particulate level is too large, it remains stored in your body and you will eventually turn blue as he did. Colloidal silver from homeopathic stores carry brands that are safe and have microparticulate size that is safe for human consumption.

Another way to strengthen your immune system this season is to do a detox or colon cleanse. A healthy intestinal tract supports a healthy immune system.

Have a happy, healthy winter season!


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  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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