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Letting Go


What is letting go? What does it mean to let go? What does letting go have to do with stress anyway?

Letting go is as simple as it sounds, but not as easy as it sounds. If you’re struggling to Let Go, you are hanging on.

Letting go is disconnecting from your thoughts and emotions. Most people relate their thoughts and feelings as to who they are. But you are not your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions are expressions of the state of BEing you currently find yourself in. Your State of BEing can be controlled and changed at WILL. Will Power is the greatest Power in the Universe. As you WILL to change your thoughts and emotions and Choose to change your thoughts and emotions, you begin the process of Letting Go.

Holding onto thoughts and emotions creates tension in the body. The tension slowly builds over time creating chronic cellular stress. Tension restricts the flow of universal energy creating energy blockages. Letting Go of stored thoughts and emotions, old baggage, and becoming Present with the Moment, releases tension, eases constriction, creates fluidity in the body and allows energy to begin to flow more freely.


Author: Antonia

A light shining in the dark. Seeking all things spiritual. Everything is ONE.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I have a tiny difference in opinion. Will Power I do not think is the greatest power in the Universe. It is love. What love can accomplish, will power can only imagine. As a matter of fact, will power is a substitute where love is absent. If you love your job, you do not need will power to do it. Similarly if you love yourself and nature and God (whatever you conceive God to be) you will not need will power to let go. The fact that you love (true unconditional love) will help you let go. Because that which you are holding on to ultimately does not matter, its of no consequence and more likely its something intangible you are holding on to.

    • An interesting point of view. However, I would counter that without the Will to Love one cannot love. It is the will that chooses what state we exist in. We can Will to be Happy or Will to be Sad; we can Will to Love or Will to Hate; we can have the Will to Live or the Will to Die. Will Power is the force that puts energy in motion.

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