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What Is MetaTranspiration™?

MetaTranspiration™ is the flow of your vital life energy, your very life force, from Universal energy, to you, through you and back into Universal energy. Trees have a similar process. They take in water through their roots, bark and leaves. The water evaporates into the sky and falls back to the earth as rain. This is the process of Transpiration. MetaTranspiration™ is the process of the flow of universal life force energy.




We all have within us a vital life force. I like to think of it as the breath of life. In Asia, it is referred to as Qi (pronounced Chi). In India, it is referred to as Prana. Qi or Prana is the life-sustaining universal force that exists within and through everything. Somehow, the east never lost the concept that we are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. Mind, body, spirit all interconnected. When one is affected, the other two are eventually affected as well. This is why it is so important to treat the whole body ~ mind, body and spirit ~ as is common in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. To treat a symptom alone without addressing the cause or the whole being (person) doesn’t help the body to heal itself. Well-being arises out of consideration of the holistic view of the interconnectedness of mind-body-spirit.




The flow of vital life force energy is as vital as any other health or wellness consideration. In fact, the flow of vital life force energy can be considered more important because, when vital life force energy is blocked, it manifests in your body as pain and dis-ease. The pain or dis-ease is there to tell you that there is a greater underlying problem that needs attention. Blocked energy either flows sluggishly or ceases to flow altogether. If the flow of energy is blocked completely, your vital life force is locked behind an energy dam. Blocked energy dams that burst cause cataclysmic health issues.


Within you are huge reservoirs of untapped vital life energy waiting to be released back into the universal flow. When blocks occur, symptoms of dis-ease gradually begin to appear. A body not in a State of Ease is in a state of dis-ease. We are human BE-ings. We exist in States of Being. The symptom is merely there to tell you that your energy isn’t flowing; there is a block that needs to be cleared.


Western medicine takes a systemic approach to the body and treats symptoms.  Eastern medicine philosophy teaches that the body, mind and spirit are all interconnected and must be in harmony for a person to be in optimal health.


The difference between western medicine philosophy and eastern medicine philosophy is that a person takes a passive approach by relying on the western medicine physician to treat the symptom(s) whereas eastern medicine philosophy promotes an individual taking an active role in their own self-healing. Healing does not come from outside of Self – it comes from within the Self. Only you can heal you. The word “heal” or “health” is derived from an old German word meaning “wholeness.” The wholeness – the one-ness – of interconnected mind-body-spirit lies within you waiting to be awakened.


2 thoughts on “What Is MetaTranspiration™?

  1. nice article, do you have any point of view on ‘form energy’?

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