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Mystery of Star Tetrahedron Connection to Life Revealed

The Double Tetrahedron is also known as a Star Tetrahedron or the Mer-Kah-ba.

Within it lies the energy that holds all life together. The bonds that hold atoms, particles and molecules together, all the way down to nanoparticles and all the way up to macroparticles, are tetrahedral.

Here is an image of a tannic molecule. I have inserted within the molecular bonds, the double or star tetrahedra. Molecules vary in size and by general definition are two or more atoms combined together. Chemistry uses the format shown below to demonstrate the bonding and format of all molecules.


The following is an image of the molecule artisane:


The left and middle images are 3D and the right is a 2D rendering of the molecule artisane. Here again, you can see the tetrahedral structure through the bonding.

Even at the atomic level, the nucleus being protons and neutrons and the surrounding shells made of electrons, this tetrahedral structure is prevalent.

Everything that exists as you conceive of it in a 3-dimensional world is held together by these tetrahedral bonds. R. Buckminster Fuller saw this. His geodesic domes were designed on this concept.

“All of the definable structuring of Universe is tetrahedrally coordinate in rational number increments of the tetrahedron.” R. Buckminster Fuller

“The tetrahedron occurs conceptually independent of events and independent of relative size. By tetrahedron, we mean the minimum thinkable set that would subdivide the Universe and have the interconnectedness where it comes back upon itself…The basic structural unit of physical Universe quantation, tetrahedron has the fundamental prime number oneness.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Perhaps the basis of this concept of oneness as demonstrated in the triangular spiral vector lies behind the meaning of, “…the LORD our God is one LORD:” (Deut 6:4) and the fundamental premise of three-in-one that is prevalent in many religions.

You might also find it interesting that a half quantum, or one spiral, is the basis of fractal geometry. Fractals represent the “interconnectedness” that “comes back upon itself.” Fractals are found throughout nature and are fundamental to 3D and 4D mathematics. Modern 3D graphics and vector imaging wouldn’t be possible without an understanding of fractals.


“Tetrahedron as Vectorial Model of Quantum: The tetrahedron as a basic vectorial model is the fundamental structural system of the Universe. The open-ended triangular spiral as action, reaction, and resultant (proton, electron, and anti-neutrino; or neutron, positron, and neutrino) becomes half quantum. An association of positive and negative half-quantum units identifies the tetrahedron as one quantum.” R. Buckminster Fuller

The principle of yin-yang, positive and negative half quantums together making a quantum, light-dark, the principle of opposites exists in the basic tetrahedral model.

The open-ended spiral of action, reaction and result also fulfills the 7 Natural Laws. 1. The Law of Vibration – the energy within the vector is constantly in vibrational motion. 2. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that energy is forever moving into form, through form and back into form. Energy within the quantum fulfills this law. 3. Law of Relativity. Electrons just are until related to protons. In the relation their polarity is defined. 4. Law of Rhythm. Vibrations are rhythmic. The energy within the quantum is vibrational at specific rhythms as defined by the environment. 5. Law of Polarity – positive and negative, yin and yang, magnetic and electric. 6. Law of Cause & Effect – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction is fulfilled in the life of the half quantum. 7. The Law of Gender is fulfilled in the life of a quantum. 8. The One Great Law above all others ENERGY IS. The quantum IS ENERGY.


“The tetrahedron is the first and simplest subdivision of Universe, because it could not have an insideness and an outsideness unless it had four vertexes and six edges…The vertexial set of four local-event foci coincides with the requirement of quantum mathematics for four unique quanta numbers for each uniquely considerable quantum.

The tetrahedron is a form of energy package. (See Figure 1, 2) The tetrahedron is transformable…All of the definable structuring of Universe is tetrahedrally coordinate in rational number increments of the tetrahedron.” R. Buckminster Fuller

 “Two Triangular Energy Events Make Tetrahedron: The open-ended triangular spiral can be considered one “energy event” (or quantum) consisting of an action, reaction and resultant. Two such events (one positive and one negative) combine to form the tetrahedron.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Metatron’s cube is a wonderful picture of the geometry and energy that flows through Star Tetrahedra.


DNA is made of two spiraling strands that make many tetrahedra down the DNA helix. It is interesting to note that at conception each of us has one DNA strand from our mother and father. Two events that combine to make one. It is within the foci of each local event (and DNA is comprised of many events) that all that is IS. There is no inside and no outside – it simply IS.

In his article Achieving Peace: A New Paradigm, Part II, Mark A. Siegmund, Ph.D. quotes R. Buckminster Fuller from his book Synergetics I. R. Buckminster Fuller noted that the prime geometry of nature is the tetrahedron. Without this structure, our universe as we know it, wouldn’t exist. Is it any wonder why this symbol represents so much power and carries with it so much mysticism?

“For those of us who are without benefit of an electron microscope to peer into atomic and sub-atomic levels of matter – and the relative great distances that separate one atom from the other [matter represents only about 4% of space], our very limited range of optical vision permits us to only see the aggregated atoms of matter, as seemingly dense, solid and non-energetic. So the inner workings of nature remain invisible to our ordinary sight, making problematic any shift conceptually from a world and universe that is apparently solid, static, enduring, immutable and eternal, to one that is invisible, always changing-transforming and is built entirely of omni-present and ever abundant energy.” Mark A. Siegmund, Ph.D.

Did you understand that phrase? What we perceive to be material, solid, is actually mostly space that appears in our brains to be dense matter. The universe from the macro to the micro level is always changing, always transforming and is ever abundant.

Here is another quote from Dr. Siegmund from the same article:

“A meshing and integration in optimally potent ways, of our new understandings of plenitude with the globally dominant and omni-present, scarcity based and driven, economic and political systems is critical, if there is ever to be a truly enduring and self-sustaining global peace.

Accruing proofs of, and ready access to, plenitude and sufficiency, have potentially profound and ameliorative effects on the quality of life for virtually the whole of humanity.

Along with the new understandings, there needs to be created new ways of organizing and conducting our affairs and efforts – so that sufficiency-for-all becomes the new operational reality.”

The economic and political systems that have largely existed up to this point in history have been driven by a scarcity mind set, a belief that there isn’t enough for everyone. Yet, this belief is the exact opposite of what nature shows us to be true.

There is sufficient for all above and beyond anything that is required or desired. The basic understanding of this lies in the tetrahedron.

Our “affairs” or “efforts” need to be focused in such a way on a personal, local, national and global level such that the truth of plenitude and sufficiency for all is recognized and embraced.

It is ironic that at this particular time in history, the world’s economy is crying out just the opposite. It is saying that there isn’t enough; it is shrinking and pulling back, crying out lack. It is an illusion. Money is a man-made “thing.” It is a currency – a standard unit of trade – and nothing more. What happens when “money” as you know it ceases to exist? Do you suddenly have nothing? Or do you still have what you always had? You have life – you ARE. Trade and economies will always find a way to conduct business. The means will always change. Ancient coinage and currencies now no longer used demonstrate this.

There is only ONE SOURCE. That SOURCE has the WILL to bring into matter through quanta (plural of quantum). You exist as a reflection of this source. Do you recognize the potential that lies dormant within you? Do you recognize what the fullness of life – existence – is? Do you KNOW your SOURCE?


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Peace and Tetrahedron – The Way to Source

A number of weeks ago, I began a self experiment. The experiment is to stay in a continual state of peace by remaining in the gap throughout the day. I will have to say, it has not been as difficult as I first thought it might be. In addition, there has been a series of significant synchronicities that have appeared. I will share them with you.


First, let me back up a bit. You see, about a year ago, I was struggling with keeping my mind calm. This hadn’t really been a problem for me before. I always set aside time to just sit with no noise, usually outdoors if possible, a ride to the beach, somewhere quiet near running water, or just in a quiet space in the house.


Up until 2-1/2 years ago, this was pretty easy to do.  Now, due to changes in the family, there is constant noise and distraction. The only quiet place is on the patio. As I now care for two people fairly full-time, getting away to those quiet places rarely happens.


But I was convinced there had to be a way to remain in peace amidst seeming chaos, or at least a constant bombardment of noise of some kind or other. I began doing more meditation. I read and used Wayne Dyer’s Getting in the Gap program. Then I began to meditate more on The Gap. In that space in between where we are most connected because we are open to universal energy, I wondered how would it be possible to stay there.



I asked myself where exists the biggest gap so that it is easy to stay there with little effort? Can you guess? Space has such vastness between matter – it is the biggest gap. So, I began imaging myself sitting in space – in the quiet, surrounded by quiet, openly connected to Source. So, in the moment, I try to hold the image of space continually in mind. Focusing on empty space has stopped the mind monkeys from the constant chatter and helped to block external noise.


I invite you to try this technique and share your experience in the comments section.


Why is peace so important in our daily lives? Well, one reason is that when we are in a state of peace, we are at our highest creativity. We are most receptive to what the universe sends to us. In this state of receptiveness, it is much easier to live on purpose, to BE on purpose, with no effort.


As I began BEING in a State of Peace, many things began coming my way. I learned of a remarkable woman by the name of Mildred Norman Ryder. You may know of her as the Peace Pilgrim. At the age of 44, Mildred found her purpose, her calling was to be a Pilgrim for Peace. For the next 28 years of her life, she lived this calling, she walked the walk and talked the talk. But her transformation didn’t occur overnight. Mildred had a spiritual journey that lasted for 15 years leading up to her “calling.” Mildred believed that the key to attaining inner peace was to overcome selfishness. This is true. Letting Go is the process of releasing self, becoming selfless. It is very much a spiritual journey. As Mildred progressed through her spiritual journey, she finally reached “inner peace” and found a way to remain there. It was at this point in time, that her Ambassadorship as Peace Pilgrim began. You can read Mildred’s story here


One of the things that has fascinated me over the years is that the fingerprint of the Creator is everywhere. Back in the early ‘90s when I was struggling with an overgrowth of systemic yeast, I tried blue-green algae. Algae is a superfood. Unless it is harvested from a clean source and processed properly, I do not recommend its use. One of the things that struck me at the time was that the nucleus of chlorophyll and the nucleus of hemoglobin are almost identical! The only difference is the center atom – in chlorophyll it is magnesium, in hemoglobin it is iron. But the most remarkable thing is that both are Star Tetrahedron. I call the Star Tetrahedron the fingerprint of God.


A tetrahedron is a four-sided pyramid. A Star Tetrahedron is a double tetrahedron, an octahedron. In its plane form, you would recognize it as the “Star of David”; in its spherical form, you would recognize it as the universal symbol of the atom.


As I began meditating more on the Star Tetrahedron, more synchronicities came my way. In particular, communication with one friend led to myriads of information coming my way. Two nights ago, I came across an article in the International Journal of Humanities and Peace, entitled Achieving Peace: A New Paradigm, Part II, (Tetrahedron and the Game).


Here was a direct connection to Peace and the tetrahedron. Yes, there is a connection between the two. One of the thoughts put forth by the author, Mark A. Siegmund, Ph.D., is that “achieving peace is a global…problem.” Why this problem prevails is because “global civilization, at its very core, believes and accepts that Nature’s design is based on scarcity – despite the scientific evidence manifesting this century, instructing us that, in fact, sufficiency, or plenitude, is the “normal” condition in Universe, and by extension, on earth.” (emphasis mine)


The lack that exists – or appears to exist, exists because it is what the majority have believed and manifested over time. In fact, lack doesn’t exist at all except in the temporal reality created within the mind of man. Remember that Albert Einstein had said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”


If everyone in the world would stop, take some time and look at nature, all you would see is abundance, abundance everywhere! There is abundant air. There is an abundance of water. Look at a piece of fruit or vegetable, there is an abundance of seeds to grow more food. From one comes many. Is the world ready to shift its thinking? I believe so.


In abundance, there is only abundant health. Our bodies were created with a regenerative function. They were designed to heal themselves. If given the proper environment and support, there would be abundant health and well-being.


This article also re-introduced me to someone whose life has fascinated me. His name is R. Buckminster Fuller. R. Buckminster Fuller had a unique perspective on the Universe. He believed that “the tetrahedron is a form of energy package,” that the Universe in all of its “definable structuring””is tetrahedrally coordinate in rational number increments of the tetrahedron.” In other words, our Universe is “defined” by the tetrahedron.


The tetrahedron is everywhere around us and within us. IT IS. Dr. Siegmund refers to it as “cosmic architecture.”


R. Buckminster Fuller was not only a great thinker and creator, he envisioned a world of peace. An early environmental activist, he was a proponent of alternative energy and efficient use of natural resources always to the greater purpose of world peace.


So, here I was back at PEACE and the TETRAHEDRON. The two things that have absorbed the majority of my thinking time these past few weeks.


“In our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.”   –-   Deepak Chopra