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We Are ALL Part of Universal Energy


The Secret to Universal Flow

If I told you that your body’s energy may be blocking you from manifesting what you desire, would you believe me?

Is there a connection between the energy in your body, the law of attraction and vibrational harmony?

I would have to say, Yes!

Everything in the Universe is energy. You’ve heard that before. Energy flows. The Law of Circulation is at work. Just like streams must flow into rivers and rivers into oceans, the spirit must flow. The stream in you, seeks to join the river of humanity which in turn seeks to flow into the universe. What flows into the universe comes back to you.

When the energy in your body is blocked, you are not connected with the Universe. You are cut off and the vital life force in you stagnates.

Energy has a vibrational resonance. There are low frequencies and higher frequencies. When your energy is slow and sluggish, when you don’t feel your best, your harmonic resonance is low. When your energy is flowing, you feel energized physically and are upbeat emotionally. You are in a higher state of vibrational resonance.

The Law of Attraction works on vibrational resonance and the Law of Polarity. Like Attracts like. When you are on Purpose in your life, you are in alignment with the cosmic plan so what you need is attracted to you – like to like. Vibrational resonance attracts like vibration. So when these two laws are in harmony, you manifest at a faster rate and a bigger scale.

When you are misaligned from your purpose, everything seems to be a struggle. You are like a magnet. Your polarity is pushing away those things you want to attract. As you move towards being on purpose, the polarity switches and suddenly the things you desire start to flow towards to you without any effort.

How we feel, how our energy is flowing directly impacts the magnitude of the Law of Attraction in Your Life.

You can live a life of effortless ease. It all begins inside of you. Learn how to identify your energy blocks and begin releasing them. Start to see the Law of Attraction work for you. Request a FREE Coaching Consultation to find out how to get started.